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In response to the priorities of the Government of Pakistan on poverty reduction, the World Bank in close consultation with Government of Balochistan (GoB) and relevant stakeholders have designed the Balochistan Livelihoods and Entrepreneurship Project (BLEP) focusing on improving livelihoods of rural communities by promoting employment opportunities and sustainability of enterprises in project Districts. The project will be implemented in eight districts in the north of Balochistan, including Killa Abdullah, Killa Saifullah, Chagai, Sherani, Pishin, Mastung, Zhob and Nushki and will benefit rural households to promote livelihoods through enterprise development and job creation.

The project will predominantly target communities based in areas affected by a protracted refugee situation. These districts are also affected by a protracted refugee situation. The project is likely to gain benefits for the communities in selected districts, having reliance on enterprises related to various sectors, with a priority on Agriculture, Livestock, Mines & Minerals, Handicrafts and Small Industries, Ecotourism and Forestry. In addition, the Project will have specific benefits for people living in these geographical locations through improved facilities development. The Project has three main components and will be implemented during the course of 5 years. It is financed by the World Bank and executed by Planning and Development (P&D) Department Balochistan.

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